I'm here taking a break from editing, or perhaps making an excuse preventing myself from finishing this project. But, either way I'm here & not quite sure what to do.

I'll just keep on typing hoping that the backspace key doesnt jam from the abuse that has endured for the last 20 minutes.  

"pick & roll" - the easiest play you can learn in basketball but apply it to your workflow & you can pretty much get anything done in a timely manner. When it comes to certain edits, Me being an indecisive cluts, I tend to take forever picking shots. "Does this makes sense?"

"wait this shot looks better" "this doesnt make sense." "actually it does". 

I find myself smiling as I type this because it's funny taking a step back and spotlighting an issue that you can comprehend or be aware of because you're just in too deep. & even worse, if you apply this indecisiveness to your work, it tends to carry itself towards your mannerisms. ie. don't ask me to take a place to eat.

Definitely rusty at writing my thoughts sown but with enough practice I know I'll get slightly better. I'll just leave it at that for now.


Note to self for the next post - Talk about rushing.


Due Pinlac